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US-300 Empty Cans (bottles) Depalletizer
Detailed profile


Automatic or semi-automatic can(bottle) depalletizer is for the three-can, two-aluminum-can or glass bottle’s unpiling. The empty cans(bottles) are pushed to the mesh conveyor layer by layer after lifting by the machine, and then they are conveyed to the slideway can washing machine or automatic washing machine by files of conveyor or the dial. It substitutes manual can(bottle) discharge, improve the production efficiency, being the necessary of large or medium-sized manufactures of beverage production.


Technical Specification: (automatically)

Capable of Production: 400cans(bottles)/min

Suitable for Diameter: Φ52~Φ153 mm

Suitable for Height: 39170 mm

Suitable for Tray: (1.11.3)×(0.951.1)m

Can (bottle)-Pushing Form: automatic or manual push, mesh belt conveying

Can (bottle) Discharge Form: multi-lines turn to one line discharging by conveyor belts

Lifting Form: automatically

Total Power: 3.5kw

Measurement: 8.3×6.5×3.2 m

Total Weight: 2.5T


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